Rolled Bun Filled With Chicken Breast And Sour Cream

Taste Image: 
frozen program / bulk
160 g.
Weight After Baking: 
140 g.
40 pieces in a package

Dough ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt, vegetable fat. Filling ingredients: marinated chicken breast (chicken meat 60%, water, salt, hydrolyzed chicken protein, soy protein, glucose syrup, flavoring, antioxidant (E331), acidity regulator (Е500, Е640), vegetable fiber), sour cream (pasteurized, homogenized sour cream containing 18% of fat, starter culture), chicken filling (modified potato starch, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, milk protein, wheat starch, palm oil, salt, vegetable fiber (wheat), glucose syrup, yeast powder (sulfite), egg powder, spice, natural flavoring, vegetable (onion)) dried onion, pepper, dried vegetables (salt up to 60%, mono-Na-glutamate up to 15%, sugar, dried vegetables min. 8% (carrot, celery root, parsnip, onion), dextrose, spices (parsley leaf, celery), natural color-riboflavin.


gluten, soy, milk, lactose, eggs, celery.

Best Before: 
12 months