About Us

The life of every slice of bread begins with planting its seeds in the soil of grain fields. Our fertile field is free Macedonia and in 1947 it was finally prepared to make its own bread. The sprouts grew into a whole new generation during the times of building our young state. We were offered the great responsibility of writing the story of each bread, from planting the seeds to its place on the table of our grandparents. On the sprouts of free Macedonia.

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Several days after October 26, 1947, it has been decided to establish the company “Isharana”, and on November 15, the same year, several ovens have been put into operation to produce around 800.000 kilos of bread annually. There was also a bakery, a butcher’s and a grain storehouse including a mill and a greengrocer’s. Several generations after December 26, 1947 we continue to support the growth of Ohrid in every way possible. We are here for you every day!


Although the primary mission of A.D. “Zito Leb” is meeting the needs of the local region first, there are more and wider roads to other destinations we have paved with our quality. Since 2011, we have been present at 15 different locations in Skopje, as a rebranded company able to promote the Macedonian quality at its best crossing the state borders and taking quality to the next level. We are already present in the region, but recently our products have been offered and sold in the United Arab Emirates. The franchise “Zito Leb” is ready to bring a piece of Macedonian magic all around the world. You only wish. The rest is ours!